Hüma Kadın Hastalıkları ve Doğum Hastanesi
Child Health and Diseases
The Pediatrics Department of the Huma Hospital serves on a 24/7 basis with expert staff and specialist physicians.
Apart from outpatient services for all kinds of childhood health problems; out unit also provides inpatient and monitoring services to provide a full scope of patient care. 
Our Pediatrics Department provides the children aged between 0 and 14 with healthcare services. Diagnosis and treatment of all children in this age range are conducted in this section.

As pediatric diseases and overall health of children are closely related to the mother's attitudes and behaviors, our unit also acknowledges the importance of motherhood in terms of children's growth and development. In line with the overall strategy of our hospital which aims the spread awareness amongst public, maternal training is always regarded as a priority.

Our healthcare services which are included in the scope of podiatry and children's health are given by the help of following departments:

Emergency service: Emergency services are being carried out by staff physicians in daytime, and on-duty physicians at night. This way, our organization is able to intervene all patients, who may have any health problem, on a 24/7 basis.

Neonate Clinic: Monitoring and care of newborn infants are performed in our Newborn Unit. Required tests are analyzed to evaluate the intelligence of neonates.

Neonatal Intensive Care:
Infants with medical problems, neonates with known risks and premature babies are monitored and treated at this unit. Apart from the treatment of jaundice, blood transfusion can also be performed if required.

Vaccination: Vaccination is an important element of pediatrics. Immunization and follow-up are strongly emphasized to avoid pediatric age diseases.
"Child Health and Diseases" our doctors in our unit
Pediatric Diseases
Pediatric Diseases
Pediatric Diseases
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